1. In what language are the classes taught?

All classes are taught in English, except for Spanish language classes.

  1. Who teaches the classes?

Highly qualified CIMAT faculty with a strong tradition of effective teaching and extensive experience of teaching in English.

Find more information at Faculty.

  1. What is the expected course load?

The expected course load for students at MSSG is four classes in the fall or spring semesters and two classes for the summer program. Students can choose to take a heavier course load if they feel they are capable of handling it, but should understand that this is entirely the student's responsibility.

  1. Are there scholarships for the program?

There are no scholarships or grants offered directly through CIMAT for the Mathematical Sciences Semesters in Guanajuato Program.

  1. How old is this program?

MSSG is a new program designed with an integrative approach and emphasis on applications, suitable to tackle new challenges and model real-life situations in a world where problems are becoming more challenging and complex every day.

  1. How much does the program cost?

The tuition cost for one semester is USD 7,500.00 or 13,000.00 for a full academic year (two semesters). The tuition for the Summer Program is USD 5,000.00.

Find more information at Costs and Payments.

      7. How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application form.
  • Provide two recommendation letters. At least one should be from an instructor of Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science with whom you have taken classes. The other can be from an instructor or academic advisor familiar with your academic record.
  • Send a legible scanned copy of your current transcript (.pdf or .jpeg format) to
  • Send a legible scanned copy of your valid passport (.pdf or .jpeg format) to

IMPORTANT: You must verify that you fulfill your home institution requirements for studying abroad and make sure that you will be able to transfer your MSSG course credits upon your return.

The application process will be complete once we received the recommendation letters. Applications are processed on a rolling basis and will be reviewed within three weeks after the completion of the process.

Find more information at Elegibility and Application.

8.  What are the application deadlines for admissions?

Application deadline for the spring semester: November 15

Application deadline for the summer program: March 15

Application deadline for the fall semester: May 15 

Find more information at Important Dates

9. Will my credits transfer?

Although the MSSG course materials are conceived in such a way that the credits are transferable to colleges and universities around the world, students are obliged to verify with their home institution that they will receive MSSG transfer credit.

Ask for guidance from your institution's intended major department or Registrar Office and let us know which documents the Study Abroad or International Mobility Department at your institution needs to corroborate CIMAT’s accreditation in order to validate our transcripts, and we will provide them promptly.

Please also make absolutely sure that you fulfill your home university’s requirements for studying abroad and inform yourself of the regulations on the number of courses you need to take while you are abroad.

MSSG semester courses meet 3 hours a week for the 14 weeks of class instruction, followed by a week of final exams. In total, each course meets for roughly 42-56 contact hours. Some classes require a weekly "lab" period with the TA, others offer this time but it attendence is not mandatory. Usually, each course transfers to 3-4 Semester Credit Hours depending on your home institution evaluation of the course material.

MSSG summer program courses meet 8 hours a week for the 8 weeks of class instruction, followed by a week of final exams. In total, each summer course meets for 64 contact hours.

Find a compilation of the syllabi of the fall semester, spring semester and summer program courses at Transfer of Credits to Your Home Institution.

  1. Do I need a visa?
  1. If you are a national of the United States or Canada, or you have a current and valid visa from these countries, and you are coming for one semester (less than 180 days), no visa is required. You will need to present the original acceptance letter from CIMAT to the immigration officer at passport control, along with your valid passport and the Forma Migratoria Múltiple (visitors’ permit). It is essential that you have your Passport and visitors’ permit stamped by the immigration officer, as you will need them to exit the country. Visitors are not allowed to stay in the country for more than 180 days. 
    • No foreign nationals, regardless of nationality, are required to obtain a Mexican visa if they already possess a current, valid US or Canadian visa, and they plan to study in Mexico for less than 180 days. However, if the US or Canadian visa stamped in your passport has expired, even if you have an official document or form proving your legal status in the US, you will have to apply for a Mexican visa.
  2. If you are a national of one of the countries listed here, you will need to obtain a Temporary Resident Student visa, regardless of the duration of your stay in Mexico. For doing so, you will need to schedule an appointment in your nearest Mexican Consulate and present the required documents. Once you arrive in Mexico, we will help you exchange your visa for a Resident Card.
  1. If you are admitted for a two-semester stay (longer than 180 days) you will need to obtain a Temporary Resident Student Visa. For doing so, you will need to schedule an appointment in your nearest Mexican Consulate and present the required documents. Once you arrive in Mexico, we will help you exchange your visa for a Resident Card.

Find more information at Things To Do In Advance.

  1. What are the requirements for the program?

These are the common requirements for all three programs:

  • You must be enrolled in a Higher Education Institution at the time of application.
  • You must be at least 18 years old at the beginning of the program.
  • Your intended major should include components involving Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science or Computer Science.
  • You have successfully completed at least one Linear Algebra course and Differential, Integral and Multivariate Calculus courses by the start of the program.
  • Students whose first language is not English and are not currently enrolled at an English-speaking country higher education institution must comply with the language requirement.

For this purpose, students may submit either:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 90 (TOEFL iBT) / 577 (TOEFL PBT) or
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 7 or
  • Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) with a minimum score of 170 or Grade B

Scores will be considered expired if the test was taken more than two years prior to submission of the application.

To check the specific requirements for each semester, please go to Mathematical Tools for Modeling, Mathematical Tools for Data Science or Summer Program.




APRIL 2021:

CIMAT will most likely complete this school year virtually. However, the state government is piloting a program for educational facilities (of all levels) to return to in-person learning. The general population (60 and older) are receiving their vaccinations. We have been informed that the education sector is to follow. There is a tentative date for the campaign to begin in Guanajuato on May 5th, 2021. The advancement of the vaccination to a greater percentage of the general population as well as the news that our academic community specifically will soon be vaccinated, alongside the support from the Secretary of Health, Secretary of Education and the state government to prepare a safe return to in-person learning gives us some hope that MSSG will be able to offer the Fall 2021 semester in-person. 

JANUARY 2021: 

Our campus is operating 100% virtually. Vaccination of healthcare workers is in effect currently. It is predicted that the general poplulation 60 and older will be vaccinated this spring.  Although we hope to be able to offer our 2021 Fall Semester: Mathematical Tools for Data Science, we will be offering a virtual workshop in June that will cover topics normally seen in the spring and summer programs. We do not plan on offering our Summer Program. First and foremost we look to get through the pandemic safely.


At this time our campus is operating 100% virtually.  MSSG is working closely with the CIMAT Academic Affairs Department to develop our plans and protocols for a return to in-person learning. Although we hope to be able to offer our 2021 Spring Semester: Mathematical Tools for Data Science, we will be watching as the situation evolves and if necessary we will continue to postpone or cancel if necessary. First and foremost we look to get through the pandemic safely. Please be safe, take care and communicate any doubts or questions you might have.

JUNE 2020:

We have made the decision to cancel our 2020 Fall Program: Mathematical Tools for Modeling. We recognize that as a global community, we are in uncharted territory, and it is crucial for us to be both proactive and cautious. The students that would be participating in the Fall Program would be arriving mid-August. Mexico, like many Latin American countries, is seeing a rapid increase in active cases of COVID19.  Although it is difficult to predict how gravely Guanajuato will be impacted by the pandemic, we feel that it is not likely that we will be in a stage that provides certainty and safety. Therefore, we believe it is the best interest of our students and our faculty to cancel.

APRIL 2020:  

After careful consideration we, like so many programs across the globe, due to COVID-19, CIMAT closed down campus to students and MSSG moved all courses to on-line instruction for this Spring Semester. We have also decided to cancel the Summer 2020 Program.