In what language are the classes taught?

All classes are taught in English, except for Spanish language classes.


Who teaches the classes?

Highly qualified CIMAT faculty with a strong tradition of effective teaching and extensive experience of teaching in English. Find more information at Faculty.


What is the expected course load?

The expected course load for students at MSSG is four classes in the fall or spring semesters and one or two classes for the summer program (one class in the summer 2023 program). Students can choose to take a heavier course load if they feel they are capable of handling it, but should understand that this is entirely the student's responsibility.


Are there scholarships for the program?

There are no scholarships or grants offered directly through CIMAT for the Mathematical Sciences Semesters in Guanajuato Program.


How old is this program?

MSSG is a recent program (2019).


How much does the program cost? 

Find more information at Costs and Payments.


How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application form.
  • Provide two recommendation letters. At least one should be from an instructor of Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science with whom you have taken classes. The other can be from an instructor or academic advisor familiar with your academic record.
  • Send a legible scanned copy of your current transcript (.pdf or .jpeg format) to
  • Send a legible scanned copy of your valid passport (.pdf or .jpeg format) to

IMPORTANT: You must verify that you fulfill your home institution requirements for studying abroad and make sure that you will be able to transfer your MSSG course credits upon your return.

The application process will be complete once we received the recommendation letters. Applications are processed on a rolling basis and will be reviewed within three weeks after the completion of the process.

Find more information at Elegibility and Application.


What are the application deadlines for admissions?

Find more information at Important Dates


Will my credits transfer?

Although the MSSG course materials are conceived in such a way that the credits are transferable to colleges and universities around the world, students are obliged to verify with their home institution that they will receive MSSG transfer credit.   Ask for guidance from your institution's intended major department or Registrar Office and let us know which documents the Study Abroad or International Mobility Department at your institution needs to corroborate CIMAT’s accreditation in order to validate our transcripts, and we will provide them promptly. Please also make absolutely sure that you fulfill your home university’s requirements for studying abroad and inform yourself of the regulations on the number of courses you need to take while you are abroad. MSSG semester courses meet 3 hours a week for the 14 weeks of class instruction, followed by a week of final exams. In total, each course meets for roughly 42-56 contact hours. Some classes require a weekly "lab" period with the TA, others offer this time but it attendence is not mandatory. Usually, each course transfers to 3-4 Semester Credit Hours depending on your home institution evaluation of the course material. MSSG summer program courses meet for a minimum of 45 contact hours.

Find a compilation of the syllabi of the fall semester, spring semester and summer program courses at Transfer of Credits to Your Home Institution.


Do I need a visa?

Find more information at Things To Do In Advance.


What are the requirements for the program?

Find more information at Elegibility.