Students will live in furnished apartments approved by CIMAT. Roommate selection will be determined upon confirmation of participation. The arrangements will be made upon arrival.  Apartments will be completely furnished, and are equipped with sheets, towels, etc. Each student will have his/her own bedroom.

Students will be accompanied to their accommodation and, once there, they will receive a brief explanation on how to navigate the surroundings and general information such as the location of the nearest ATMs, bus stops and food stores in the area and how to get there.

The owner of the property will provide you with a lease agreement for you to sign. The agreement will be drafted and signed in Spanish with an English courtesy translation. Make sure you understand and agree with the terms. Rent is usually due during the first five days of the month, and it is generally paid in cash. ATMs are the quickest and most convenient way to obtain the local currency and their exchange rate is usually good.

You can find more information about housing arrangements in the MSSG Student Handbook.