Once you have been accepted into the program, the following conditions will apply:


Students are subject to the same standards of conduct stipulated by their home institutions and are expected to work hard, participate actively in class, be punctual, and cooperate in the proper functioning of the program.

Students are also expected to engage positively with the local community, treat others with respect and dignity, and abide by Mexican law.

Students must remember that bringing weapons or illegal substances into Mexico is a crime under Mexican law and will result in their expulsion from the program. The program has a zero-tolerance policy concerning misbehavior caused by alcohol or drug abuse, as well as for all forms of harassment, discrimination, and intimidation. All allegations will promptly be investigated by CIMAT authorities.

Once the student has been accepted, the waiver form (check Essential paperwork) will be required to confirm participation.

Each student is responsible for paying the CIMAT program fees as published at Program Costs for the program and term(s) of study, as well as any associated fees from the home institution, unless that it is the institution of origin itself that pays the tuition and the Application/Admission & Confirmation fee. CIMAT does not grant refunds (or partial refunds) for unused services that are included as part of the program fee.


Comprehensive international health insurance that is valid in Mexico at least for the duration of your stay and meets the following requirements is mandatory:

  1. Coverage of a minimum of USD $ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars) for medical expenses
  2. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation benefits
  3. Legal assistance
  4. Transportation costs for one family member in the event of hospitalization

CIMAT will request every participant to provide proof of medical insurance upon acceptance.  If you cannot produce this proof in good time or if it does not meet the requirements mentioned above, your admission will be revoked. Buying additional travel insurance is also highly recommended. If you need medical attention, there are several hospitals in the area that have agreements with different insurance companies. We can help you find the right one for you.

In case of a chronic medical condition, please verify with your insurance company that all your health expenses will be covered during your stay in Mexico.


All required forms found at Essential Paperwork Before You Come must be signed by the student to be able to participate in the program.

Specifically, the "waiver form" is requested to confirm the student's participation on the "Confirm participation" date. See Dates.


Confirmation of Participation

1. CIMAT requires a confirmation payment, known as the “Application/Admission & Confirmation Fee”, from each student intending to participate in a CIMAT Study Abroad program. This confirmation payment is paid at the “Confirm participation” date (check Dates) except for earlybird applications. In some cases, home institutions confirm participation for the student. Forms and detailed information are included in the acceptance materials, as appropriate to the agreement with the student’s home institution.

Important: Once the student has sent the waiver form the student is considered confirmed, regardless of whether the confirmation fee has been paid, for which the student is responsible for any other relevant program fees as described in Program Costs

Payment of CIMAT Program Fees

2. Participants are billed after reaching “Accepted” status to a CIMAT program. Once the student has completed the "Essential Paperwork Before You Come", the CIMAT Withdrawal or Deferral Refund Policy applies.

3. CIMAT has agreements with some institutions regarding billing procedures for their students. In some cases, institutions ask CIMAT to bill students directly and, in others, CIMAT bills the institution or sends a statement of relevant student(s) fees to the institution to be billed to the student(s) via the home school’s billing system. In either case, the student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the full program fee is paid. In the absence of an existing arrangement with a school or where the participant does not have a home institution, CIMAT bills the participant directly.

Participants Billed Directly by CIMAT

4. Billing statements are made available and sent to the participants via email to the participants and the participants’ study abroad officer in their home institution (as identified by the participants in the program application).

5. CIMAT billing staff will notify participants via email when their initial billing statement is available.

6. Participants billed directly by CIMAT are responsible for maintaining their own accounts. If a parent or other designee will be managing payment of fees on behalf of the Participant, it is the Participant’s responsibility to ensure that all statements and other billing information are forwarded appropriately.

7. Individual student payments are accepted via wire transfer to CIMAT and sent with a copy of the billing statement to CIMAT international program email account mathsciencesgto@cimat.mx. Payments may also be made via PayPal here

8. Program fees are billed by term (J-Term, Spring, Summer and Fall).

9. Students participating in an academic year or calendar year program or in programs for two or more consecutive terms, receive a bill for each term. Program fee payments for each term must be paid by the due date listed on the statement for each term.

Important Notes:

A. Refunds will be sent to the billed party except in certain circumstances involving financial aid. If CIMAT bills an institution, the refund is sent to the institution; if CIMAT bills the Participant, the refund is sent to the Participant at the permanent address listed on the initial application, unless the Participant notifies CIMAT otherwise.

B. A refund of payment made by PayPal or wire transfer will be processed as a wire international transfer and the exchange rate (of the Mexican peso with respect to the US dollar) will be taken into account at the time of the transfer. Likewise, CIMAT is not responsible for the additional charges that the participant's bank applies to the bank movement.

C. Please note that refunds of less than $1 will not be processed. Similarly, CIMAT will not bill Participants with account balances less than $1. Refunds are processed within one month after the end of the term of study. Participants requiring refunds more quickly may contact CIMAT to request expedited processing.

D. Cancellations, withdrawals, and deferrals are effective upon the date CIMAT receives written notification from the Participant. Participants must also notify their home institution directly if they plan to cancel, withdraw, or defer.

E. Questions regarding home institution policies should be directed to the home institution, not to CIMAT. Home institution payment policies are separate from CIMAT’s payment policies, and students will be held to both sets of policies.

F. The “advertised program arrival date” is the CIMAT posted arrival date, as listed on this website, which typically coincides with the first day of orientation for each term. Withdrawal fee policies outlined for Participants studying for an academic year, calendar year, or on two consecutive terms of any sort are held to the CIMAT posted arrival date for each term, as listed on this website, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions listed above rather than the host university or CIMAT class start dates.


If students wish to withdraw from a program, they must notify CIMAT in writing, since withdrawals are effective only from the date the notification is received by the CIMAT International Program department. The student will also be responsible for notifying their home institution of their withdrawal and any associated fees from the home institution.
If withdrawal or cancellation is desired, the refund is based on the date of cancellation made in writing. The cancellation schedule for returns is as follows:

Cancellation/WithdrawalPercentage Refund of Tuition Fee
Semester programs (Spring & Fall)
Before 65 days prior to program start date100% (less non-refundable fees)
Before 45 days prior to program start date75% (less non-refundable fees)
14 days prior until 1 day prior to program start date40% (less non-refundable fees)
Program start date up to/including 21 days after arrival20% (less non-refundable fees)
Intensive short courses (J-Term & Summer)
Before 65 days prior to program start date75% (less non-refundable fees)
Before 45 days prior to program start date40% (less non-refundable fees)
On or before 4 days after program start date20% (less non-refundable fees)


“Non-refundable fees” is defined as Application/Admission & Confirmation Fee (not applicable to earlybird applications).

As the registration is deposited in a bank account in Mexican pesos, the reimbursement percentages are with respect to the amount (in Mexican pesos) received at that time.


All CIMAT programs are opened based on a variety of factors including cohort size, risk analysis, and operational feasibility. In the unlikely event that a program is canceled prior to the program start date due to low enrollment, health and/or safety reasons, or for any reason that makes it, in CIMAT's sole judgment, impractical or impossible to operate the program, CIMAT will reimburse all payments received, but will not have any other responsibility towards the participants.

If an emergency or a force majeure event requires that a program be canceled following the program start date and prior to the end of an academic term, CIMAT, in its sole discretion, will make efforts to make alternative arrangements to allow students to complete their academic work but cannot guarantee that full or partial credit will be obtained. If the situation and CIMAT academic policies allow for alternative arrangements to be made for the Participant to complete the program’s academic work for programs canceled after the program start date, there will be no refund of program fees. If alternative arrangements cannot be made, CIMAT will make reasonable efforts to collect documentation of student work completed to date, but CIMAT will provide no refund of tuition or any other payments. CIMAT will share this information with the home institutions of Participants enrolled in the program so they will be able to evaluate, per home institution policies, whether to grant their Participants any, full, or partial credit for work completed.


The accommodation organized by CIMAT for the Program will be limited to the dates in which the Participant is actively participating in the Program. In the case of the semester programs, the participants are responsible for insuring and paying the housing directly to the owners during the entire period of stay, as for the short courses, the cost of accommodation is included in the tuition fee.

Except for certain housing in Guanajuato city (CIMATEL and CIMAT campus as well), CIMAT does not own or operate any entity which may provide goods or services for the Program (except that it employs onsite staff), including, for example, arrangements for or ownership or control over houses, apartments or other lodging facilities, airline, vessel, bus or other transportation companies, local ground operators, travel or health insurance processing services, providers or organizers of optional excursions, entertainment providers, etc. All such persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result, CIMAT is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such person or entity, or of any third party.

If a student withdraws or is removed from the CIMAT program or is evicted from housing for any reason, any CIMAT housing obligation ceases immediately without refund. In addition, any violation of the program rules or residential rules may result in additional charges for damage/cleaning/loss of property or eviction from the arranged housing and/or expulsion from the program.


CIMAT only provides first aid, basic nursing and psychological support with professionals on campus and assumes no duty of care beyond travel industry standards. Each student is responsible for their medical, psychological and physical well-being during the duration of the program with CIMAT. In case of a medical emergency, CIMAT will try to administer the appropriate treatment to the best of its ability. However, CIMAT does not guarantee that it will be able to administer effective (or any) emergency treatment in all situations.

In case any medical, psychological or physical problem arises during the Program, the student is responsible for notifying the CIMAT staff. While CIMAT staff can assist in finding local healthcare providers, it is the student's responsibility to follow instructions or recommendations for medical treatment or health care providers' assessment of the costs and uncovered expenses of such care.


In order to administer the Program, CIMAT, its subsidiaries and affiliates and certain agents thereof may process any and all personal data, including but not limited to travel insurance info, Passport, home address and telephone number, date of birth, educational records, and other information that is necessary or desirable for the administration of the Program. The Participant shall have access to, and the right to change, the provided information. Relevant Information will be securely stored and used in accordance with Program necessity, as determined by CIMAT. Participant hereby authorizes CIMAT to collect, process, register and transfer Personally Identifiable Information as required for Program delivery. Participant waives data privacy rights with respect to the relevant Information and authorizes CIMAT to store and transmit such Information in electronic form. Participant also authorizes CIMAT to transfer the relevant Information to any jurisdiction which CIMAT considers appropriate.

In the event that the participant grants CIMAT the use of their image by not checking the option “I do not grant the use of my image for promotional purposes of the program.” on the waiver form. CIMAT reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any program, including photographs or film records of Participants, and the associated activities, and to use and/or disseminate documents and materials including any social media posts created by the Participant while on the program, as well as such photographs or film records.

Our Privacy Policy 

The Center for Research in Mathematics A.C. CIMAT, with address at Calle Jalisco S/N, Colonia Valenciana, Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico; CP 36023 is responsible for the processing of the personal data you provide us, which will be protected in accordance with the provisions of the Mexican General Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Obligated Subjects (LGPDP), and other applicable regulations.