Mathematical Sciences Semesters in Guanajuato (MSSG) is an international study abroad program open to undergraduate students majoring in Mathematics or related fields who want to enhance their skills in areas such as mathematical modeling, data analysis and computacional science in order to formulate and to obtain solutions to real-world problems.

The program has been developed based on CIMAT's long-standing tradition of interdisciplinary work in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science for research purposes, teaching, and collaborations with government and industry. Classes are conducted in small groups, providing students with the opportunity to become part of the vibrant CIMAT community and engage in its rich academic life, which includes international visitors and workshops throughout the year.

All this while the participants explore the vast culture of Mexico in a fascinating city thanks to its mixture of centuries-old local traditions and events with international projection, which make Guanajuato an oasis for interculturality.


We offer two modalities of study throughout the year:


Semester Based Programs


Intensive Short-Courses


Each independent semester is aimed to the study of data science and modeling with a multi-disciplinary approach  necessarily  involves strong  interaction  between  statistics, mathematical modeling and computer science. At the beginning of each semester, a week-long intensive coding workshop is offered, and MSSG students may also complete an independent research project as part of their course load.


An amazing opportunity to learn from researchers working in the fields of Applied Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, and Data Science while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of the heart of Mexico for three weeks.  It is a full-day program (Monday - Friday) with academic activities (lectures and workshop sessions) alternated with cultural activities related to Mexico, Guanajuato and the Spanish language.

SPRING: Mathematical Tools for Data Science

FALL: Mathematical Tools for Modeling







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