We have started!

For this January (2023), CIMAT organized an Intensive International Course (J-Term) for undergraduate students within the International Program Mathematical Sciences Semesters in Guanajuato (MSSG).

It was focused on learning Discrete Probability and Simulation; the main part consisted of a 45-hour class course taught by James Melbourne, Miguel Nakamura and Rogelio Ramos, with the support of Anel Galaviz.

The participants were students from Hamilton College (NY), Wellesley College (MA) and DEMAT (UGTO).

Aligned with the objectives of the MSSG, they were offered an intensive program of academic and cultural activities that in turn allowed them to live together, both inside and outside CIMAT, in an international and mutually enriching context.

Some of the photographic memories.

At the same time, the J-Term constituted the start of the activities of the MSSG for 2023. Check out our upcoming courses and be part of this mathematical and cultural experience abroad.

Welcome aboard!