Dear DSPS Workshop participants, 

Here on this page we will link to all the relevant information that you will need to participate. We look forward to working with each of you during this intensive workshop and research-based learning experience. Most of your questions will be answered on this page. However, please feel free to email us directly if you have any further questions. 

Important Dates

Date Time Activity
Tuesday, June 1, 2021 NA Admission Fee Due
Monday, June 7, 2021 NA Full Program Published
Friday, June 11, 2021 3pm CDT Welcome Event & Presentation
Monday, June 14, 2021 9 am  Courses Begin

General Schedule (Monday, June 14th - Friday, June 18th)

Time       Monday        Tuesday       Wednesday   Thursday   Friday

9am to 10:15



10:35 to 11:50 



12:10 to 1:25 pm




Parametric estimation (likelihood and bootstrapping)



Supervised Learning, Unsupervised learning (clustering)





Basic models 



Regression, logistic regression

Handling datasets in Python 



Markov Chains, Density estimation



Bagging, Ensembles (random forrests...)

Visualization; PCA and dimensionality reduction








Deep Learning


Communication with Clients & Guide for virtual teamwork




Problem Specific Coursework




Problem Specific Coursework




1:25 - 2:30 pm

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

Aftenoon Session One

2:30 - 3:30 pm

Independent work   

TA Support                      LIVE & on Discord

Independent work 

TA Support         LIVE & on Discord

Independent work  

TA Support               LIVE & on Discord

Independent work   

TA Support             

LIVE & on Discord


Afternoon "shorts" & Coffee Break

3:30 - 4pm


Student Life in Guanajuato


Coffee Break Open

Meet the researchers, learn more about CIMAT

Coffee Break Open


Afternoon Session Two

4 - 5 pm 

Independent work   

TA Support                      LIVE & on Discord

Independent work   

TA Support                      LIVE & on Discord

Independent work   

TA Support                      LIVE & on Discord

Independent work   

TA Support                      LIVE & on Discord




General Schedule (Monday, June 21st - Friday, June 25th)

NOTE: During this week your team, team leader (TA), and client will dictact the schedule and workflow in more specific terms. This plan should be determined, written and published on Friday, June 18th. This is general framework for how the week will be structured.

Time Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday Thursday Friday               
9 - 10 am Meet with Clients   TBD by Teams Optional check - in TBD
10 - 11  Meet with Clients Students to Present Problems TBD by Teams TBD by Teams TBD
11- 5 pm TBD by Teams TBD by Teams TBD by Teams TBD by Teams

12pm Final Assemby Presentation

Afternoon TBD by teams



Will we be working on all of the problems or just on one problem in our team? 

Each team will dedicate the second week to working on one problem. On Friday each group will share their proposals with their clients and the entire group. 

Will we get to learn about the concepts and strategies being applied on all four problems?

Yes. There will be formal and informal meetings available throughout the week where participants will be able to meet with students from various groups to share their experiences and talk about the work. 

Will be working independently or collaboratively? 

Both. You will be assigned to a team. The team will be assigned a problem and a client. You will have the support of one researcher and one TA to guide the group to assess the strategy and the work, and divide the tasks among the group. As you work independently, you will have the support of your team, the TA and the researcher when you have doubts or need help. 

Will the groups work past the afternoon? 

No groups are expected to continue working or meeting past 5 pm (Mexico City Time). If participants choose to continue advancing, this progress should be reported, and all work shared to the group that night or first thing the following morning to be sure that everyone starts with all the information and advancements on hand. 

Can I take the workhop for academic credit?

Yes. The expected total of contact hours for the workshop is 38-40 hours. Please contact us directly to receive more information about this option. It is important to understand that your university might not be able to transfer this credit, depending on the limitations of your degree of study and how this coursework will or will not fit into your designated coursework. 



$80.00 USD Data Science Problem Solving Workshop Admission Fee

$160 USD Institutional Group Cost

$250 USD Data Science Problem Solving Workshop Course for Academic Credit (Please confirm with MSSG staff before making this payment)