Tuition fee for Fall 2020 semester: USD $5,100.00 (five thousand one hundred dollars)

Tuition fee for a full academic year (two semesters): USD $10,200.00 (ten thousand two hundred dollars)

Tuition payment deadlines

All tuition must be paid in full to CIMAT by:

Fall semester: July 20, 2020

Tuition does not include:

  • Health insurance and medical care (excepting onsite first aid and nursing services)
  • Housing 
  • Round-trip airfare and/or ground transportation from home institution to Mexico and/or Guanajuato
  • Ground transportation from Mexico City or any other place in Mexico to Guanajuato
  • Ground transportation within Guanajuato
  • Ground or air transportation within Mexico
  • Meals and leisure activities
  • Textbooks and other academic materials
  • Expenses from spouses or other family member or relatives

Optional Mexican Culture course has a total cost of USD $250.00 (two hundred and fifty dollars) and should be paid jointly with the tuition.



This is an estimated breakdown of how much the cost of living in Guanajuato would be for a month. Keep in mind that fees are calculated in Mexican pesos (MXN), so final amounts are prone to variations based on the current exchange rate.

Expenses Costs
Rent (including utilities) MXN $6,000 (≈ USD $320)
Meals MXN $4,000 (≈ USD $225)
Local transportation MXN $900 (≈ USD $45)
Leisure activities (museums, tours, cinema, etc.)

MXN $ 800-1200 (= USD $40-65)



You will find the CIMAT MSSG Payments Breakdown in the MSSG Student Handbook. The payments can be made via Paypal or via wire/electronic funds transfer.

The required bank details for a money transfer can be found in the Student Handbook. Please include the complete student name and address as a reference. Once the payment has been made, please send proof of payment (.pdf or .jpg format) to

If you wish to make your payment via Paypal, you can do so here. Please don't forget to send legible proof of payment (.pdf or .jpg format) to

Remaining Tuition

Admisssion Fee